Factory Connection

If you are about to apply for employment with Factory Connection,
There are a few things you should know

Factory Connection

Employment with Factory Connection was often frustrating.
Schedules were written and frequently changed mid week by the
Manager, Audra A., making it difficult to plan personal business.
If an employee had a previous appointment that conflicted with her
Scheduling, the Manager would cut the "offender's" hours to one or
two shifts the following week as a "disciplinary" action.

Schedules were spuratic. One week an employee may have 28 hours
the next only a single 5 hour shift!

The Sad part is, the supervisor, Sherri S., condoned these practices.

*REF: Copies of typical schedule below.
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Factory Connection employment
Factory Connection unfair

Now For the Clincher

This employee, M. W. contracted shingles. After calling in sick the night
before a shift, for which a Doctor's note was provided, M. W. was removed
from the schedule.

Three weeks passed with no work scheduled.( M. W. called every Sunday when
the schedule was posted.)

When M. W. inquired about the 4th week via text message it was answered by
the manager asking her to turn in her keys. Two more weeks passed with no
time scheduled so M. W. filed for unemployment.

When Texas Workforce Commission contacted M. W., they advised that Factory
Connection had falsely testified that M. W. had "Quit" her job. Therefore
benefits were denied due to "Job Abandonment"

The Sales Manager, Audra , Is arrigant and unyielding

I hope you have better luck than I have with Factory Connection.

This narritive is strictly my opinion and is only provided to convey my experience with Factory Connection Weatherford TX